Freedom to control your company's health and wellness.

Improve retention, engagement, and culture by giving your employees exclusive Perks and experiences they are excited to use — all accessed through an easy-to-use mobile, card, and web-based platform.


With traditional programs,

70% of benefits go unused.

Employers are trying to reward their employees but it’s missing the mark. There are forms, restrictions, and approvals to maneuver — and all of this takes your organization time and money to administer. Leave the past behind and give your employees freedom and flexibility with The Perk.

A flexible platform for Perks.

The Perk is an employee rewards platform that enables you to recognize your employees the way you want to. Make your company the place to work with a set monthly amount employees can use on Perks or recognize employees with an extra bonus for a job well done. It’s all possible with The Perk.


Choose what’s best for your employees

Ready to learn more about our beta program?

For information about pricing and how you can start recognizing your employees the way they want, fill out this form and a representative from The Perk will be in touch.


Make your employees lives better every day.

Provide Perk Dollars to your employees
Distribute as a monthly rate or as one-time recognitions for great work
Get easy access to Perks from our great vendors


Health Spending Accounts

Help your employees cover those extra costs.

Coming soon...


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Launching soon.

Go beyond saying "thanks" — the rewards card lets you give real perks to your co-workers.

Coming soon...

Peer Rewards


Your employees have instant access to Perks they’re excited about. With partners that offer you coffee, gym memberships, pet services, home cleaners, a night of entertainment, or even a ride in a helicopter — your employees will feel appreciated from the day-to-day to the extraordinary.

Let your employees choose what matters to them — with no overhead for you.

Give your organization and employees:

• Instant access to desirable employee Perks with no restrictions

• Perks that fit your culture and give your employees the freedom to choose

• Easier administration with no time-consuming reimbursement programs

• Perk funds that actually get used — no more money lost to unclaimed benefits

• A happy and engaged team excited to work together

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