Five Steps To keep employees engaged in 2019

Employee engagement isn’t just about ball pits and kegs, nor is it just the layout of the office. Employee engagement comes from allowing people to come to work and do their best because they want to, not because they feel they have to. And in our findings, that often starts with how we build our teams, recognize each other, and create a true sense of belonging and inclusion.

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Buk Nkosi
Why your Christmas party isn't keeping your staff engaged.

Why your Christmas party isn’t keeping your people engagedIt is a memory I’ll never forget: After waiting what seemed to be an eternity, the calendar finally read Dec 25 and it was Christmas morning. Before the sun was up, I ran out to our living room and under the tree was a gift I couldn’t possibly have mistaken. As a seven-year-old aspiring NHL’er, I saw a long L-shaped item wrapped carefully, and glowing in the multicoloured lights hanging from the tree. I was going to get the new hockey stick I had dreamed about for months.

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