The Perk Tech Updates


We're super excited to share what we've been working on at The Perk. After listening to customer feedback, we’ve spent the last few weeks refining our platform. This is our biggest update to date and all current users will have access to these new features. 

Here’s a breakdown:

Nav Bar

To make everything super simple we remade the nav bar. This is now the complete source for everything related to your account. Find your dashboard, the Perks marketplace, and settings here. For admins/team leaders you have a direct link for ordering new cards and giving out recognition.


Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 4.56.47 PM.png


You can now divide your company into teams. This empowers admins/team leaders to have much more control and flexibility over how they use the platform. We leave it up to you to decide how you want to structure your organization and give you simple tools to assist. From your nav bar choose to Create New Team and follow the simple instructions to get started.

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 4.56.57 PM.png

We've made rewarding your teams super simple. Did the whole team do a great job? Reward them together. Once you have a team set up choose to reward them all or select individuals.



We've implemented a more concrete roles structure to provide maximum flexibility for managing your account. Company admins can create new teams, promote users, move people into teams and of course provide recognition/allowances to any user within the organization.

Team leaders have the power to monitor multiple teams, view monthly spending habits for their teams, and give out recognition/allowance on behalf of the company. User’s privileges have remained consistent but will benefit from the redesigned and updated nav bar.

Personal Cards for Company Admins

Admins can now easily manage their personal Perk card from the dashboard. Need to add a card to your account? Go to: We’re super excited about these new changes and look forward to hearing your feedback!

 Any questions or ideas about the updates? Email 😃

Ronan Fegan