General FAQs

+ What is The Perk and how does it work?

The Perk is all your favourite products, services and subscriptions all on one card! It includes dashboards, reporting, rewards and a host of other awesome features. Basically, it’s a super-charged employee rewards program.


  1. All team members receive a Perk Card Perk cards work just like any regular debit card except they can only be used up to the balance or preset spending limit. Once you receive a card, activate it here (link to to get started.

  2. Your company sets a recurring spending allowance or gives one-time recognition Once a team member activates their card, company admins or team leaders will be able to award them with a monthly recurring reward, one- time recognition or both!

  3. Happy Spending! Check out your Perk balance to see where and how much you can spend. Buy a cup of coffee, pay for a gym membership, whatever your admin allows!

How do I access or change my personal information?

Login to your account and choose the settings tab from the nav bar. From here you can update your phone number, shipping address, and billing address.

Reissue a lost or stolen Perk card

If you lose your card or had it stolen, let us know. Send us an email at with your name and company name. First, we'll deactivate your old card. Then, we'll order you a new card to re-activate and start using it as quickly as possible.

Have more questions?

If you ever have trouble activating your card please reach out to or use the chat feature on the bottom right of this screen.


Admin FAQs

+ How do I transfer funds between users?

Transferring funds can be managed through the administration dashboard. From your nav bar go to “Manage” then choose “Peer to Peer” and follow the instructions.

+ How do I repurpose a card?

If a user has left your company and you’d like to repurpose their card then please contact support at


Payroll integration and API documentation available upon request to connect to your infrastructure. Contact for more information.

+ What do I do if a card is stolen or lost?

If you fear a card has been lost or stolen contact us at to cancel the card.

+ How do I cancel a card?

To cancel a card contact us at to verify your account and identify the card you would like to cancel.

+ How do I add/remove an employee from a team?

Go to the ‘Teams” dropdown in your nav bar, choose “My Teams” and select the team you want to change. To remove an employee, select “actions” and “remove from team”. Adding an employee can be done by choosing the “add member” button above the top left of your team’s table.

+ Persistent billing issues

Contact us at with your billing address and account information.

+ How can I promote/demote a team leader

Any user can become a team leader for multiple teams. First, add the user to the team you want them to lead. Select “actions” beside their name and choose “Make team leader”. To demote them, again go to “actions” and you will see a “Remove team leader” option. Note: Only a company admin has the power to promote/demote team leaders.

+ What do I do if my cards have not arrived?

Contact for KYC and order updates

+ How long does KYC take?

It takes 5-10 minutes to complete the KYC process and it’s usually approved within a week. Occasionally we’ll need to ask for extra information which could delay the process.


User FAQs

+ Why did my card decline? - Insufficient Funds

The fastest way to find out is by logging into your Perk account (link to From here you can see your recent transactions along with any declines

+ Why did my card decline? - Unsupported Vendor

Check our marketplace for a list of supported vendors. You can request a vendor at any time by clicking here

+ Why did my card decline? - Wrong Pin

Double check your PIN when making purchases. Log into your account by clicking here to check your pin. Your pin will be shown on under your balance.

+ How do I reset my PIN?

This feature is currently being built by our dev team. Stay tuned for updates.

+ How do I reset my password?

Go to and click “forget your password?”

+ How do I activate my Perk card?

Click here and follow the instructions.

+ How do I check my card balance?

Your balance is available in your account dashboard

+ What do I do if my account is compromised?

Contact support at