The Perk

Why You’ll Love The Perk


A personalized experience

Your team members are unique and special in their own way, how you reward them should reflect that.


Easier administration

We make it easy to automate and manage the reward process. The Perk enables you to track analytics which help you determine your return on investment.


No wasted budget

Flexible Perk funds that actually get used — no more money is lost to unused rewards. No one enjoys using an outdated reimbursement process. Your finance team will love this because it means they only have to worry about one vendor.

Let Your Team Choose What Matters To Them

Outdated programs are littered with forms, restrictions, and approvals to maneuver — and all of this costs your organization time and money. Leave the past behind and give your team freedom and flexibility with The Perk so that their rewards are meaningful to them.

Increase Employee Engagement. Give your team exclusive Perks and experiences they are excited to use. Every perk is accessed through an easy-to-use mobile, card, and web-based platform.

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Find The Perks You Love

Discover exciting perks from our curated marketplace.



No Markup

The prices listed on the marketplace are not marked up. We don’t add fulfillment charges or include hidden fees at checkout.

No Service Fee

The Perk doesn’t charge your company service fees when you order Rewards points. Other companies charge as much as 15% against Rewards points orders.

No Point Commitments

Tailor your rewards and recognition budget to fit your specific needs. We do not require any upfront budget commitments or minimum purchase orders for Rewards points.

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