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The Perk Platform

Getting Started


Let's get started. Select which plan you would like, FREE or PRO, input the desired number of cards, personalize the text on the cards (PRO), and before you know it they'll be delivered to the shipping address provided (PRO) or added to your online account (FREE).

One-step Activation

After distributing the Perk cards to your employees, activation is easy. Simply enter the last 4 digits on the card, your name and email address on our activation page (

The employee can then log back into their account at anytime to check their balance, transaction history or manage their notifications.


Visa Card with Perks

Employees have the ability to spend their rewards at any POS system, either online or in-store, where Visa is accepted. The Perk virtual cards can be used at any online store where virtual Visa's are accepted. The Perk cards also grant access to discounts from a number of different stores and services.

Increase Engagement

Reward your employees anytime, anywhere, and on any device using the Perk Platform. Schedule rewards for special occasions such as birthdays and work anniversaries, add a personalized message, and distribute to both individuals or entire teams. Every dollar goes straight to your employees

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Stay In Touch

Employees have the ability to set up text message and email notifications to alert them when they are rewarded or when their balance is running low.

Custom Reporting

The Perk platform provides custom reports to provide deeper insights into your employees and business.


API Access

Automate your workflows by integrating with the Perk's API.


Ready for a demo?

Seeing is believing, let us show you how easy it is to start rewarding your employees

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