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Recognition and Rewards Made Easy

Effectively Manage and Motivate Remote Teams

How do you maintain your companies culture when in-person meetings and social events are no longer an option?

The Perk allows employees and employers to remain connected through challenging times. The Perk platform provides the tools needed to increase motivation and productivity through recognition.

Sustain Company Culture and Increase Involvement 

Peer to peer recognition through The Perk platform is available to assist in encouraging meaningful relationships between employees especially when working remote.


A strong community allows for a strong company.

Choose the Perks you want

You have a say in how you use your rewards.

The Perk card gives you the ability to purchase anything, through both online and in-store POS systems, where Visa is accepted.


Exclusive discounts from a number of different retailers across the country are also included when you use your Perk card.


There’s truly something for everyone at The Perk.

Rewards in Seconds

Put an end to the countless hours spent searching for the perfect gifts to recognize outstanding employees.

With only a few clicks, rewards can be distributed to the desired number of recipients in a safe and effective manner.

It's really that easy.


Ready for a demo?

Seeing is believing, let us show you how easy it is to start rewarding your employees

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