Senior Software Developer, Javascript


We are looking for a Senior Software Developer with experience designing and implementing scalable and maintainable code in node.js and react.js.

You will be working with an ambitious team of junior developers at a fast paced startup environment. You will mentor them and leverage your experience to influence architectural decisions that facilitate Test Driven Development (TDD) and automation throughout the development/QA cycle and deployment pipeline.

Who we are

The Perk is an employee recognition platform that uses card-linking technology to help businesses automate and personalize reward programs. Find out more about us on our website:

Our team is our success. We value a culture of collaboration and innovation. We are united in creating the best experience for our customers and end-users. As a fast growing startup your role is not defined by its job description, everyone at The Perk has a direct impact on our customers' success.

Tech Stack


  • React.js

  • Sass


  • Node.js

  • GraphQL

  • Bookshelf.js


  • Amazon EKS

  • Terraform

  • CircleCI

Who you are

  • You value collaboration over personal glory. Raise your team up every opportunity you get rather than steal the spotlight for yourself.

  • Team player. You take responsibility for the team. You understand that we are all working towards the same goal and when one of us makes a mistake, it impacts all of us. 

  • Contribute justifiable opinions over popular beliefs. As a Senior Software Developer, you communicate your reasons for design choices and are willing to be challenged on your ideas.

What you’ll need

  • BSc in Computer Science, Math, or an other algorithmic-centric field.

  • 3+ years of experience in software engineering.

  • Programming experience in:

    • Node.js

    • React.js

    • GraphQL

    • TDD

    • Cloud Infrastructure (AWS, Kubernetes, CircleCI, docker, Terraform)

  • Experience architecting and implementing applications, CI/CD pipelines, and cloud infrastructure.

  • A TDD and automation-oriented mindset.

  • Ability to understand, refactor and iteratively improve upon existing technology.